Hogan Polygraph & Investigations Featured on US Hit TV Show 90 Day Fiance

Leading Nigerian private investigation firm Hogan Polygraph & Investigations conducted a polygraph examination, also known as a lie detector test, during a recent episode of 90 Day Bares All, a spinoff talk show centered around the stars of the hit American TV show 90 Day Fiance, which is viewed by millions of Americans as well as a global audience. 

The lie detector test, conducted by Hogan Polygraph & Investigations Chief Examiner Kehinde Adebayo, was administered to Nigerian reality TV star Michael Ilesanmi, who was accused by his American wife Angela Deem of lying “thousands” of times. The test results revealed that Michael is not currently having an affair and did not marry Angela to obtain permanent residence in the United States, which was pleasing news to Angela. 

Kehinde, who is a certified polygraph examiner and a member of Polygraph Examiners Association International (PEAI), stated that while employment and criminal investigation polygraph testing account for the majority of the company’s business, Hogan Polygraph & Investigations has seen an increase in requests for infidelity polygraph services by suspicious spouses, such as the one conducted on Michael. 

“We conduct, on a regular basis, pre-employment and periodic polygraph tests for applicants and current workforce respectively for various organizations. These companies have saved millions by preventing fraud rather than investigating it. Great success has also been achieved by us in specific and multi-crime investigations through polygraph examinations,” said Mr. Kehinde Adebayo.  

Hogan Polygraph & Investigations is the sister company of top-tier security firm Hogan Guards, one of the nation’s largest with over 8,000 employees and one of the longest-running security firms as the company celebrated its 40th anniversary this year.

Hogan Guards previously conducted polygraphs and investigations but began its diversification process in early 2020 when the company announced it will be forming various independent entities thereby making it a conglomerate.

Hogan Polygraph & Investigations now provides polygraph services for the group in addition to other services including background checks and criminal investigation.

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